About me

Welcome to my humble place!

I’m Tinypoof, a huge animal lover based in The Netherlands. I live together with my fiancé M, with our white shepherd, who I love very much ( ´・‿-)~♡

I consider myself an introvert and suffer from social anxiety. This makes me want to wrap myself in a blanket and pretend to be a burrito, while sitting behind my computer. But once I feel absolutely comfortable around someone I become more open, and be the silly person I really am. I’m a very chaotic (and forgetfull) poof, which always results in having a messy desk filled with notes.

I very much enjoy going to the forest and surround myself with nature, it can be an amazing opportunity to clear your mind and have some quiet time. And let’s be honest, it feels wonderfull to walk amongst the trees; hearing the birds chirp and the sound of creaking branches when you’re walking around. It brings out the adventurer in me!

When I’m not outside and enjoying a lovely walk with our dog, I can be found warm and cozy inside the house, probably sitting behind my desk. I love to be creative; drawing, crafting or brushing up my photography. Or, I’m probably sitting behind my computer and play videogames, haha! I also enjoy to collect awesome Funko figures, even though I don’t have that many (yet). Music is a passion of mine, and whenever I have the time and money I like to go to a concert every now and then. Profession-wise I’m a graduated Allround Desktop Publisher (DTP), so I know my ways around with graphic design. I make a living by making jewelry, which is also a passion of mine.

Favorite games  ?
☆ Dishonored (1 and 2)
☆ Borderlands (1, 2, Pre-Sequal, Tales from the Borderlands)
☆ Bioshock (1, 2, Infinite)
☆ Fallout series
☆ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

? Favorite books ?
☆ Harry Potter series
☆ Memoirs of a Geisha
☆ The Last Concubine
☆ The Romance of Tristan and Iseult

I always enjoy talking to people, even though it’s not always as easy for me to start a conversation. But if you ever need to talk, about anything, I can also be a good listener.
You can contact me by mail: tinypoofblog@gmail.com