Side quests for 2021:

● Lose weight and get in shape
Get driving license
Create more art (digital & traditional)
Participate Inktober
Spend more time with friends
Create more me-time
  Learn German language
  Read 5 books
  Create that capsule wardrobe!

Travel goals:

Explore my own country more
✔ Visit Prague
✔ Visit UK
Visit Berlin

Dishonored 2 Collector’s Edition Strategy guide (hardcover)   Link
Dishonored Funko pops   ●Link
Dishonored comic books  ●Link
Dishonored 2 Artbook   ●Link
Stardew Valley guidebook   Link
Stardew Valley Junimo coloring book   ●Link●
Fallout 4’s Danse Funko pop   Link
Handsome Jack figure
✔ More art of my OC’s