Hello 2017!

It has been a very long time since I’ve written a blog, and I really wanted to do this again, since I’ve missed it so much. I felt compelled to start with a completely new blog, to have that fresh start. Sometimes you need to start over, to be able to move on.

I’ve been keeping a memory jar since atleast 2013, and it’s one of my favorite things. If you don’t know this concept, you just find a jar of any kind, and throughout the year, whenever something good happens, you scribble it down and put it in the jar. It can be achievements, events, moods..anything really!  On New Year’s Eve you open it up and read through all of the good things that happened that year! It’s such a lovely tradition, hence why I do it every single year! Here are a few things from the past year, that I thought was worth mentioning:

I picked up drawing again! I gave Inktober another go, because I wasn’t able to finish it last year. This year I díd finish Inktober, and I’m incredibly happy with that! I improved to much during this month, especially in the last week. And I had a friend who helped me through it when things were getting a little bit tough and I didn’t had any inspiration.

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