I’ve recently came across these shower gels that contain natural ingredients, are quite affordable, and most importantly, are vegan!
I’m talking about the Kruidvat True & Nature line. It’s really important to me that everything I use is animal friendly, so I was happy to have discovered these products. There are 3 different gels, and I got all three of them to try out.

Kruidvat Pure & Nature

Kruidvat Pure & Nature vanilla + orange shower cream (pampering shower cream)
This was my absolute favorite! I really enjoyed the smell of vanilla and orange, and the

smell of the cream was quite strong when using it, and turned my shower into  orange paradise. The cream felt very soft on my skin and the smell was quite subtle afterwards.

Kruidvat Pure & Nature sunflower + olive oil shower gel (sensitive shower gel)
The package explicitly says that it contains 0% parfume. Which is perfectly fine with me, because I have very sensitive skin. The ingredients contain sunflower and olive oil, and the smell is quite subtle. I did like the smell, but I wouldn’t mind if it was a bit stronger. Atleast it felt good for my skin.

Kruidvat Pure & Nature aloe vera + matcha shower gel (refreshing shower gel)
This shower gel smells very strong when opening the tube. It already smells refreshing before using it. I’ve never used any product with this kind of smell, but I was quite happy with this one.

Overall I’m quite pleased with these shower gels. They cost €2,49 for each tube.


People that really know me, know that coconut is my most favorite smell. I used to have anything coconut. Hair products, face products, shower and bath products. Anything with coconut has my immediate attention. So, it didn’t take that long before I noticed these! The shampoo and conditioner are from the brand Inecto, which contains 90% natural ingredients. It’s also vegan friendly, and it’s even better because it smells like coconut (my favorite!). I already had hand & nail cream from this brand, also coconut and am very pleased with it. So I really wanted to try these out as well. They cost €3,59 for each bottle, and I think the price is alright, considering it’s a big bottle. The products itself are pretty good, and I have no complaints about them. They smell really good, and make my hair feel really soft. I’m definitely sticking with this one!
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