Epic Dollfair 2019

Last weekend I went to a event called Epic Dollfair. It’s an event with balljointed dolls where you can meet with likeminded people that enjoy the hobby as well, to buy (and sell) all kinds of doll clothes and other goodies, take photo’s or join a workshop.

This has been the second time this specific event took place. The first one was 2 years ago, but at that time I couldn’t go (I was in London). So I really wanted to go the next one, which was last weekend. Even though I was a bit nervous to go, I had such a blast! I came across friends who I haven’t see for years, met new people and also met people who I only knew from the internet. I thought I would be really socially awkward, but I think I did pretty well with being social this time. It also helped that my fiancé was with me. I started this hobby about 12 years ago, and have been inactive for a few years inbetween before being active again. My fiancé used to have 2 dolls of her own in the past before getting rid of them. But after seeing a few dolls she really liked I think it rekindled her love for it, haha.

Before going to the event I got a notification that I had won the MSD goodiebag they were giving away. How lucky I am! I wasn’t expecting that! I was told I could pick it up at the event. I also bought a doll online, and was able to pay and pick him up at the event as well. So I knew I wasn’t going home empty handed. After browsing around and talking to several people and meeting them we went to a sitting area to rest for a bit and drink. After we decided we were good to go again we went back inside and look around more. I bought several things and when we were nearing the end of the event there would be a lottery. I had bought a few tickets for it, not expecting to win anything, but thought it would be fun to join anyway. If I wouldn’t win, it would be fine. I had already won one of the goodiebags, and I’d happily support the event and the organisers. But, to my surprise I also won one of the lottery prizes! I just couldn’t believe it, was I really thát lucky? I won a Pico dragon from Aileendoll. A little cute dragon that I already have been wanting for quite a while but haven’t gotten yet!  You have to put it together yourself so I can’t wait to do that when I have the time.

Here’s a video with everything I got and bought:

I’m especially happy with the doll I bought! It was for sale for a while when I didn’t had the money, and I was really bummed I couldn’t get him. As time passed the price dropped, and dropped again. I saw my chance and thought it was now or never, and messaged the seller if I could pay for him at the event. The seller said yes; it was a deal! I even got some extra clothes, a pair of shoes and 2 wigs with it. All the stuff was in totebag, that I also got as a gift. How is it possible I’m só lucky lately?

Here he is, all dressed up with the new shirt I got for him. The wig was given with the sale of the doll. I already got the other items, such as the new pair of eyes, pants and shoes. The necklace is made by me. I’m planning to give him another wig because I want him to be a redhead but this wig will have to do in the meanwhile.

But all the material stuff aside, I really had a very fun day. I was able to spend it with my loved one and friends. I laughed and talked and laughed some more. I really needed this day to happen. Ever since we’ve moved (and the horrible renovation from hell at our previous house) we haven’t done anything thís social for a while. We both enjoyed ourselves, and I’m looking forward to do something like this again, or to maybe attend doll meetings again in the future.

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