We moved!

I went out for a little walk in my new living area, and brought along my camera to take a few snapshots.

First post of the year, and I’ll start it with good news: last month we bought a house!

It’s the very first time we bought a house, so it has been a exciting (and a bit nervewrecking) time for us.  We have been actively looking for a new place to live for about 9 months (I think), and it hasn’t been easy to find something that matched all our wants and needs. But, after looking at several houses, getting turned down a few times and doing a lot of research we had been blessed with a house that was perfect for us! I might post more about the house later on this year, when we have settled down more.

We live pretty much at the end of the village, and it’s just a 5 minute walk to a forest. And as you may know, I love going to the forest and have a good walk. I walked around the neighbourhood before going into the forest with my trusty camera. It was pretty chilly, but nothing a good warm coat and scarf can’t fix. I actually took a lot more photo’s, but this is a small selection of photo’s of which I thought had turned out pretty good. I’m ending it with a photo of my shoes, that, I desperately need to replace with a new pair, haha!

Ah, it’s always so relaxing to have a good walk, especially in the forest. Perfect to clear your mind for a bit! Do you like being in the forest as well?

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