Art Trade

Today a package arrived at my home!

I did an art trade with my good friend from Ireland, and today I recieved a package back.
Here’s what’s inside!


Quick overview of the package:
● Art trade; a rooster looking like Papa Emeritus III
● Hummus Chips
● Chocolate
● Halloween themed washi tape
● Halloween clips
● Horseshoe for luck
● Lovely notebook
● Sweet note

Also took the time to take a snapshot of my beginning washi tape collection so far, including the new ones. I really love washi tape, and I hope to use the new ones soon.

I absolutely loved recieving this package. The flowery packing paper was already lovely, wrapped up like a gift! The notebook looks beautiful, and I’m sure I can use those skeleton clips, especially with Halloween being so close. The horseshoe for luck is really sweet, and so is the note my friend wrote to me. Can’t wait to meet again next year in January ♥ Such a pity we don’t live in the same country, loved hanging out with her last year. And I can’t wait to try out the snacks. I mean, hummus chips? Oh my god!? Really curious about the chocolate as well, I’ve never tried this flavour before! And of course, the art itself! Wow! ♥ She combined my love for chickens/roosters and the band Ghost in one drawing..So why not a Rooster Emeritus III? ?  It’s brilliant! She has  such an unique style, and if you want to see more of her art, you can take a look at her Instagram page.

This drawing is what I made for my friend, and shipped to her,  along with some Dutch ‘Pepernoten’, a bar of dark chocolate, birthday card and a small selection of my favorite tea. Seeing her reaction on Instagram was priceless, and I’m glad she liked it that much ♥

I really enjoy doing art trades with friends, because it makes me draw something I usually don’t draw and/or makes me go out of my comfort zone. So yay for making progress and learning!

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