Instax Mini 9 Unboxing

So recently I got myself a cute little camera, the Instax Mini 9 in cobalt blue.
I decided to make a little unboxing video 🙂

I always thought it was so cool to be able to make polaroids! And I have been wanting the Instax mini 8 for a while, but when I was looking around for that camera I noticed there was a newer version of it. So, after looking around which of the two I should get, I decided to go for the newer version. I ordered the camera from Coolblue, because I love their great service, and the fact they are able to ship so fast (I got it the next day!).

I opted to go for the cobalt blue version, though I also liked the lime green one. Secretly I’d love to have a black one, but unfortunately they only have that colorway with the Instax Mini 8. Anyway, blue is my favorite color, so I really don’t mind.

There’s a little video below, of my unboxing. It has been a long time since I’ve made video’s, and even though you won’t see me on it, I still got a bit nervous. I’m already clumsy by nature, but when a camera is rolling it gets enhanced. Opening packages can turn into a little challenge then haha ?

What I ordered:
● The camera (obviously)
● Fujifilm instant film
● Camera case

The camera came with a adorable dotted wrist strap, two batteries, a zoomlens and a cool sticker. The camera case is made from fake leather, which I’m very happy about! I also like it that you can keep the camera inside the case when you want to make a photo, very handy. I haven’t tried out the zoom lens yet, but I did made a few snapshots to try out the camera…I just couldn’t resist!

I’m planning to take this camera with me when we’re going to London in a few weeks, hoping to be able to make a few nice snaps ? Anyway, so far I’m happy with it, though I need to use it a lot more to give an opinion about it.

What do you think of polaroids? Do you have/want one for yourself?

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