Little update

I just wanted to make a small appreciation post about my dog Sudo, and just a small update. ? These snapshots are made today, in our backyard. He’s clearly enjoying the lovely weather we currently have, and just the fact that we have a garden. It’s our first house; our previous homes we’re appartments, were we only had a balcony. A balcony that was too small for our precious pup. We’ve been living here for almost 9 months now, in a different province and a different city. But we’re so glad we decided to move here. We all have so much more peace here, less stress and we’re all just happy to live here.

We’re currently still working on our garden, which is a lot of work. The previous tenants had a lot of junk hidden in the garden, underneath the sand. Lots of glass, pieces of pavement and just lots of random junk we had to remove. We’re planning to place some nice plants, and also to plant grass. And, the most important thing: We’re planning to get chickens!! I’m extremly excited for this! ? But first we want the grass to grow in the garden, and we’re still looking for a chicken coop. Once that has been taking care off it’s time for some chickens!

I’ll try to give regular updates, but since we’re so busy with lots of things at the moment it may still take some time. I’ll do my best though, I promise! I’m also still thinking whether or not to post some drawings I’ve made in the past. we’ll see. All in all, life is going well right now. Please take care of yourself, and I hope you’re doing well ❤

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