Let’s shop!

Today I wanted to share some things I just got for myself!

I went to my local Hema today, because I wanted to get a few things, and also to just look around. My eye had been spying on this cute cactus candle for a while, and today I caved in. It’s just so adorable, though it’s almost a shame to actually use it. Isn’t it cute? I also bought the black tray along with it. The candle was €6,- and the tray was €4,-, in case you’re interested to get these as well. I thought it was a bit pricy, but I don’t buy things that often so I thought it was alright for once.

Next up is this lovely set, consisting of a case for your glasses, and one for your contact lenses. It’s funny though, my fiancé actually owns the same case for glasses! I fell in love with the lense case, and decided to get these both as a set. The case for lenses comes as pictured; with the actual case to keep your lenses in, and with a handy mirror. These were €3,50 (glasses) and €3,- (lenses)

Who doesn’t like notebooks? I’m a total sucker for these! ? I really loved the cover of the left notebook. The inside has blank pages, so perfect for doodling while travelling. The other nothebook has a sturdy cover, and it’s pages are changing from brown paper to white, and so on. I love the brown colored paper, because I’ve seen plenty of lovely art on it, and I can’t wait to try it out myself. The thickness of the paper on both notebooks were 80grams. The masterplan notebook was €1,50, the other one was €2,-.

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